Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Brat style

I just think that the Bratsytle bikes are cool as hell. The SR500 especially. 

Sr500's are so hard to get hold of over here...


  1. The japs go crazy for these, I really sm starting take a liking to this. Not something i would own, but a real do appreciate the style

  2. I'd have a bratstyle bike anyday if it looked as good as that. Sadly you seem to get a lot of bratstyle bikes that use it as an excuse to not do the work in hardtailing and it shows :s You get some really half-arsed jobs with it. They don't even look ratty, just like theres no effort or consideration gone in at all.]

    One here for nev:

  3. Like it all apart from the rear fender . . . :) HEHE So excited, and i just cant hide it . ..